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Top 10 High Vibe TikTok Musicians You Need Right Now

My favorite thing to do while on TikTok is bookmark my favorite songs I’ve heard in the day to add to a couple of Apple Music playlists I own to give them all streams, and most recently, I’ve started the higher realms playlist, chock full of high vibrational, enlightened TikTok musicians I’ve come across on my For You page. Everyone’s is different, as it’s curated specifically to your tastes, right? Mine is all over the place, but every so often, I get that hit of inspiration to go after what I want in life fearlessly, to be myself and live in full authenticity, to set boundaries where necessary, and to heal the spots inside that feel tender.

If you’re willing to keep your mind open, there are a number of artists you might like to give a listen:

  1. Monita

Monita is special because not only does she write conscious music but she lends a hand to other rising artists who write conscious music. Not only that but she is one of those who is a singer, songwriter, and producer. Hats off to you, Monita! She’s released “Return 2 Sender” but her EP, “Transmute & Chill” is where it’s at. I’ve included it here with the intention to help you relax, and to release what no longer serves you.

Transmute & Chill (EP – for embed)

  1. Lauren Jauregui

Lauren has begun her spiritual journey as described in her single, “50ft.” and she wants fans to hear all about it. Most recently, she recorded and released her EP, Prelude back in November of last year. Written, produced, mixed, and mastered in rooms full of women, you’ll feel a sense of empowerment coming off of this record. As she says, “there is something for everyone on this record.”

(Prelude EP – for embed)

  1. Oliana

I loved Oliana’s Insomnia from the start. It was so unexpected and unlike anything I’ve heard before.

(Insomnia [single] – for embed)

  1. Sam Short

Sam is another artist I had never seen or heard of before TikTok but I included her because I loved the message she puts forth in her music. Already Mine is about knowing that you’re letting someone go but being okay with that because it was their loss anyway, and you know you’ll find someone who values you. An unreleased song she’s written called Naked goes by the same sentiment in which she reflects on being occupied with pleasing the other person by giving herself fully to them only to not get that energy reciprocated, and knowing that you don’t need that person, you simply wanted them.

(Already Mine [single] – for embed)

  1. Olivia Knox

I hadn’t heard Olivia prior to discovering her TikTok account, and I came across her song Gorgeous which hit all the right spots for me. It’s an empowering song for women to feel like they can do anything”… because they can. Knox shared on YouTube: “’Gorgeous’ is about hyping yourself up and loving yourself. It’s about not wanting to be anyone else but yourself, knowing you are gorgeous just the way you are.”

  1. Deborah’s Child

Deborah’s child is an L.A. based emerging artist who doesn’t care to filter herself. The saucy “Word Problems,” hit the Internet and the artist was born.

(The Light [single] – for embed)

  1. Elkka

(Elkka – Harmonic Frequencies EP – for embed)

  1. Stalgia

(The Awakening [single] – for embed)

  1. Maijah

Maijah Anastasia Sanson-Frey (known professionally as Maijah) has written the most enticing song to play in the background with your morning coffee. It’s not geared towards men, women, or children specifically. It’s just one of those songs that is automatically uplifting. It’s the instant “good vibes” you feel, that chill that runs down your spine when something resonates with you ”… or is that just me?

(Butterfly (222) [single] – for embed)

  1. Dounia

I’ve been following Dounia on Twitter for a while through the grapevine and she instantly felt to me like someone who was connected to herself. It’s not about being perfect or having it all, but knowing who you are and giving power to others so they can live freely like you do ”” that’s what I liked about her.

Words by Megan Vineberg

Posted On 3 October, 2022