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Tom Rosenthal Reworks An Exuberant Track Into An Honest, Raw Artistry In ‘Little Joys Of The Finite’

It’s been a busy year for Tom Rosenthal. The London singer/songwriter has enjoyed phenomenal success releasing music on his own label Tinpot Records. The name associated with two viral hits on his hands, ‘Home’ under the alter ego Edith Whiskers and most recently ‘Lights Are On’, Tom Rosenthal is a champion of emotional ballad and the king of churning out melancholic music, with just the perfect touch of sweet and tenderness.

As Tom Rosenthal’s 6th studio album out on his own imprint Tinpot Records, and his first for 3 years. ‘Denis Was A Bird’ is a work of art that details the emotional ups and downs of reflecting on his father’s death from Parkinson’s disease two years ago. The album explores and reflects on the process of grief, from the intimate sadness of ‘Now You Know’, to the euphoric and uplifting focus track ‘Little Joys’, Tom finds a way to touch many with his emotive songwriting and ability to turn to positives even at such lows.

Tom adds on the single ‘Now You Know’, “a lot of artists when talking about their forthcoming work will typically say “this song is more most personal work to date”, but I can safely say my work will never get more intimate than this song. It recalls the hours/days before and after my dad’s death, when obviously emotions were at their most intense. I can’t image writing a song that means more to me and I hope it touches anyone who has lost someone close to them. It’s a gentle yet intense piano song, which still manages the odd light touch.”. The way all 11 tracks on the album were put together and composed so beautifully is a testament to the ability of Tom Rosenthal to craft a masterpiece that speaks so intimately to the audiences. From raw instrumentals to anthemic choir voices, the album is truly beautiful.

After seeing viral successes this year, it is a gift that Tom Rosenthal continues to rework a track from the album. He recently released ‘Little Joys of the Finite’ on 10th December, paring down the most exuberant and joyful track into one of the most delicate and beautiful songs.

Tom Rosenthal is a champion example of the powers of an independent artist in 2021, an entrepreneurial and creative figure who holds no bounds. His impassioned new album ‘Denis Was A Bird’ and latest rework of ‘Little Finites of New Joy’ are deeply honest bodies of work, which plays with an emotive potency to capture the hearts and minds of millions more fans worldwide.

Tom is an artist true to himself in every form. His work through music and beyond is here to provoke positive thoughts, conversations and change throughout all generations and walks of life, which is set to make a lasting impact for many more years to come.

Watch the lyric video for ‘Little Joys of the Finite’ and be ready for a tear jerking 3 mins of your life:

Words by Sheila Lim

Posted On 3 October, 2022