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TikTok to Launch its Own Streaming Service

As we all know, TikTok is now arguably one of the largest social media platforms currently. It seems like everybody has an account and has the power to go viral with just one video. Some may argue, that because it has become so easy for creators to go viral in this day and age, means it does not hold the same weight as going viral did several years ago.

However, one thing Tik-Tok can do is make a song go big. There have been many instances where an artist has put out a song and TikTok has helped blow the song up, which in turn has helped launch their careers (examples; Mimi Webb, Ashnikko and more recently American rapper Armani White). It also can also help songs that were released several years ago get big much later. A current example of this is Paloma Faith and her song “Only Love Can Hurt Like This”. The song has had a huge resurgence and has had a huge increase in the number of streams at a rapid pace, and the song “Good Looking” by singer and model Suki Waterhouse who originally released the song back in 2017 but saw a huge increase in popularity when it became popular on Tik-Tok which led to it hitting the UK singles chart at 92 earlier this year as well as hitting over 60 million streams on Spotify.

According to Billboard, there have been 175 songs that have trended on Tik-Tok that have gone on to chart on the Billboard Hot 100, and according to reports TikTok paid roughly $179 to recorded music rights holders in 2021

As a result of the power Tik-Tok has on the public’s consumption of music it seems only natural that Tik-Tok would create a rival streaming company to that of Spotify and Apple Music. Well, this very much could be on the cards according to trademarks filed by its parent company ByteDance.

ByteDance filed to trademark ‘TikTok Music’ in a number of countries, including America, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Mexico. According to filing users will be able to purchase, play, download and share music via ‘TikTok Music’.

Back in 2020, ByteDance launched Resso, which is another music streaming service, the app was launched in India, Indonesia and Brazil.

As well as this, back in March of this year, TikTok launched SoundOn, which is a marketing and distribution platform. The platform allows users to upload their music directly to TikTok and distribute it through platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and Instagram with no fee.

Currently there has been no official announcement from TikTok and no set launch date is planned so, for now we will just have to keep our eyes peeled. However, it does seem that ‘TikTok’ music is inevitable. With this new competition looming for the big streaming companies, what do you think Spotify and Apple Music will need to do in order to compete?

Words by Jack Shephard

Posted On 3 October, 2022