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THE ART OF FILA: Exploring Creativity, “A Day In The Life”

The iconic and instantly recognisable brand showcases its AW23 collection in the insightful campaign, ‘The Art of FILA’. 

Though always encouraging extraordinary individuals through their powerful marketing and messaging over the years, they take it one step further in this day in the life style project. Directed by the highly talented multidisciplinary artist Jasmina Wood, FILA visit three artists in their respective studios as they create a unique piece of FILA art through their specialised mediums. Alongside Director of Photography Chris Thomson, the team captures the artistic process through a series of three films overlaid with insightful and engaging narratives and photographic stills captured by Louis Bever, highlighting the new FILA offering through portraits taken within each artist’s space on a summer’s day. 

Through this, FILA shines a light on the vast array of creativity within the UK and the variety of processes while producing a piece of work and expressing one’s individual inspirations.

Glaswegian artist Trackie Mcleod features in the first film. He narrates a powerful self-penned poem inspired by British heritage, culture and childhood nostalgia. The clip follows the creative as he prepares for the day and heads out to his familiar haunts and studio as iPhone & VHS clips of his day-to-day life interject.

London-based artist Winnie Hall stars in the following video in her studio, OOF Gallery, at Tottenham Hotspur FC stadium. Somewhat surprisingly, the film opens with Winnie dipping a chip into a pot of paint before eating it like ketchup, a nod to the tongue-in-cheek nature of her work. The creative talks us through her daily inspirations of humour within British culture and how she draws inspiration from those themes. Winnie is seen painting on canvas figures forming the iconic FILA F Box logo throughout the film, culminating in a finished artwork displayed on her mantle. 

The third and final film sees Daniel Freeman at his London home and studio. Daniel brings his materials back to his flat before commencing a piece of work. Projectors displaying his adaptation of the FILA logo flood the room as he talks through his inspirations and what creativity means to him. 



Director: Jasmina Wood @jasmina_wood

DoP: Chris Thomson @christ0f

Photography: Louis Bever @louisbever

Photography Assistants: Lucas Fothergill @lucasfothergill, Milo Black @mylowe_, Max Grander @maxcgranger

Production: Charlie Seaward @charlie__rs, Nick Byam @nick_byam

Production Assistant: Chorloi Mak @chorloi

Hair & MUA: Laila Zakaria @laicreates, Louise Goodson @lougoodsonmakeup

Nail Technician: Aliyah Johnson @_arjenesisnails


Words by Coco Worth

Posted On 17 March, 2023