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Spotlight | Rosa Cecilia

Her latest single “Passers-By” is a proud love letter to the LGBTQ+ community and spreads the message of self-acceptance and not looking elsewhere for that affirmation which is really driven home in the lyrics of the chorus:

“Passers-By can stare at this fine love affair

I feel like a millionaire

Passers-By can stare

We renounce their glare

Prejudice ain’t welcome here”

As well as having a strong message behind her song that will undoubtedly connect to many listeners, her voice and the tone of the record is enough to create a reaction from the listener. From first listen, it is obvious that she is heavily influenced by old-school jazz and soul artists; her silky vocals warmly envelop the dreamy R&B influenced production, while the song is given an extra edge by Rosa’s London accent seeping through.

This is the second single released off of her anticipated debut EP, which is set for release sometime later this year. The last few years have seen Rosa really immerse herself into the London creative and fashion scene. This has lead to her appearance in the video for “Little Runaway” by newly bonafide Brit Award winning star, Celeste. According to Rosa’s socials, she was also one of the styling assistants for Celeste’s video “Love Is Back.”

Rosa has also appeared in a short film/documentary “Nueve” presented by clothing brand Anciela in partnership with Vogue Russia. Rosa talks about her Latin roots and upbringing, specifically Chile and Italy, and why she views London as her home as well as her definition of “home”.

Her first moment in the spotlight was when she appeared on The Voice UK in 2015 where she sang “White Noise” by Disclosure. She was picked by Tom Jones to be on his team and made the Knockout Rounds.

However, she has been working on her craft and is ready to take on the industry on her own terms, touching on powerful topics that need more light shone upon them. So keep your eyes peeled for more music from her as she is more than likely to strike a chord with her audience.

Words by Jack Shephard

Posted On 3 October, 2022