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Spotlight- Lleo

After digging a little deeper into her catalogue it became apparent that she does this with the majority of her songs, which is probably why she is doing so well at the moment. Her songs and the messages behind them are really connecting with people and are opening her up to new audiences.

Even though Lleo has a lot of electronic influences in her songs, she is definitely a pop artist through and through, and isn’t scared to embrace that proudly. She’s also not scared to dip her toes into other sounds. Her most recent single “Pink Socks” is a perfect example of this. Rather than sticking to the usual pop formula so to speak, on “Pink Socks” , Lleo decides to give the song a slight rockier edge, while also keeping it pop at its core, which in turn makes the song sound reminiscent of a young Avril Lavigne. So, it’s not a huge surprise that this was the song that caught the attention of Pop/Rock Radio 1 DJ and Tastemaker Jack Saunders and played it on his Radio 1 Show as one of his “Future Artists”.

Her most successful song to date is her song “Bipolar”, which is probably her most personal single. The lyrics give an insight into how she copes with bipolar and how it affects her actions and decisions. The song itself is another Pop gem, but also manages to capture a bit of a rhythm and blues undertone with a natural groove to accompany, with the help of some live instrumentation. This extra layer to the song gives it more of a raw quality than her usual songs which fit perfectly with the raw lyrics and topic of the song.

It’s this subtle, yet clever decision making which makes Lleo a real talent, and is just one of the reasons she is being championed by the likes of Radio 1, Spotify, Clash and Notion Magazine. The past 12 months have really seen Lleo grow as an independent artist, and with every release you can tell that she’s evolving as an artist, and not afraid of experimenting with the “pop” genre in terms of sound and songwriting.

Words by Jack Shephard

Posted On 3 October, 2022