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Spotlight: Harvey Jay Dodgson

British rock N’ Roll is a sub-genre that never feels out of place. Early British superstars like The Stones and The Beatles paved the way for generations of red and white blooded musicians from across the small isle to conquer the world and inspire anyone lucky enough to be subjected to their music. Now in 2022 acts like Sam Fender, Wolf Alice and Royal Blood are keeping English guitar music in relevance, selling out stadiums and reminding the masses why Brits are and always will be the greatest to ever strum the strings.

His take on indie rock and roll, whilst not genre bending, is undoubtably charismatic and exciting. His influences stem clearly from his Geordie contemporary Sam Fender, with a slew of similarities from his vocal cadence to their guitar tones, it’s clear Harvey has taken his inspiration for the new king of British indie rock.  But whilst the Hypersonic Missiles singer can often be found cancelling his stadium tours, Harvey Ray Dodgson can easily be found playing intimate venues across the south of England, in shows that are sure to have the crowd bouncing along to his energetic singles like the hit track Caroline 

Dodgson also blesses the world with his consistency across his short but impressive musical catalogue. In just a short span of time Harvey has bought the world a mickle of releases since his debut in 2019. On his 2022 EP Oxygen, Harvey Jay Dodgson used the very best of his Rock writing abilities to craft an exciting and concise piece of art, perfect for festivals like his show at Isle of Wight this year, and his upcoming shows at Victorious and 110 above.  He has now decided to strip back his sound with his new single You Belong To Me, a track that sees Jay Dodgson singing a tale of love paired with slowly strummed chords on a clean electric guitar sopping wet with reverb. The track is catchy, romantic and beautifully ethereal, a style that is new to his catalogue of already impressive music. 

His style has caught the attention of many around him, grabbing the title as “one to watch” from multiple publications, and it’s difficult to disagree with their analysis. If Dodgson continues down the road of making exciting and bombastic Rock and Roll, he is sure to make a name for himself as one of the greatest new talents in British guitar music. And with the release of his upcoming EP “Dodgson”, it is likely that we will be seeing a good deal more of the young talented artist. 

New British acts are a common occurrence, but young talent emerging from small cities and breaking free of the shackles of their dreary pub orientated live scene is a perfect origin for greatness. And stemming from Portsmouth, a town with enough live music pubs there’s almost enough for every artist from the town to hold a lifetime residency and still have venues to spare, Dodgson’s come up is impressive and is sure to shape the future of his musical career. 

Keeping an eye on Harvey Ray Dodgson is a necessity. Turn on key word alerts, follow his social media accounts, and more importantly get out to see one of his  intimate shows before he starts playing at some of the country’s largest venues.

Words by Mason Meyers

Posted On 3 October, 2022