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Sometimes the Algorithm Makes You Feel Special: Spotify’s New “Only You” Feature

It’s true, try telling today’s teenagers that their parents used to have to buy records and listen to the same thing until they bought another, or that their older siblings had to save a few cents of lunch money to listen to Nicki’s verse on Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album. Incomprehensible. 

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Now Spotify is taking things even further, launching their “Only You” feature. This personalized experience has all the same allure as the infamous Spotify “Wrapped,” but now the company can generate that same media frenzy more than once per year. While “Wrapped” tells you your year in review, maybe full of cries supplemented by Girl In Red or joyous times to the tune of Megan Thee Stallion, “Only You” is an ongoing curation of listeners’ most unique habits as if they’re set in the stars. With just one click, Spotify keys you in on your unique listening habits, letting you know that you like Frank Sinatra because it aligns with your moon sign but you turn to Billie Eilish because it’s just sooooo your rising sign. “Only You” also lets you build your own dream dinner party based on your favorite artists.

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Of course, this adds up to the necessity of marketing in the new age: fostering a sense of intimacy amidst the vast digital landscape. In 2020, Spotify had 155 million premium subscribers, and the number only continues to grow. However, the company has pulled out all the stops to ensure that the music industry dominated by corporate big dogs can still feel like a community that values each unique user. “Only You” does just that, turning a flawless algorithm of personal data collecting into an interactive user experience that fosters a sense of self-value and pride in your taste. 

How to Find and Use Spotify's New 'Only You' Feature
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Music is experiential, and no matter how digital the world becomes, still nothing will compare to the bliss of being at a concert and creating your own unique moments within a crowd of fans. The goal of the modern music experience is to mimic that in all ways that are possible, and Spotify’s “Only You” intends to. Yes, it’s a collection of your data presented by an aesthetically pleasing algorithm, yet it does feel special. This feature reminds you that you like house music at night, that you turn to Loud Reed after Ariana Grande, and that there may somehow be a reality out there in which you could get Arlo Parks, John Lennon, and Tyler The Creator to all sit down at your dinner table. It may be silly, but it does feel good to be understood. Just like the fleeting moments of seeing your hero perform on stage, a unique look into how you experience music holds great. For many, our music taste is sacred. A little artificial intelligence recognition can go a long way. 

Words by Paulette Ely

Posted On 3 October, 2022