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PinkPantheress: The artist taking over TikTok

Her music emits feelings of pure nostalgia, with her referencing artists from the nineties and noughties like Lily Allen, Good Charlotte and Blink-182 as inspirations. She’s admitted to being drawn to music from these eras as it feels a lot more experimental and less concerned about being cringey. The singer has definitely achieved the sound that she desired as her songs could seamlessly be embedded into any episode of Skins.

There’s no doubt that PinkPantheress’s music feels authentically heartfelt and despite her persona being kept rather secretive online, the emotion in her lyrics sure aren’t. In terms of more recent artists, her music seems to be a bit like if Charli XCX and Clairo had a child –– full of sentiment but also still having a feel good tune. In fact, PinkPantheress really looks up to Charli XCX, once shooting her shot in a 2am post and asking Charli to collaborate with her one day.

Despite her rising to fame via the internet, there’s not a lot we know about PinkPantheress. She was born in Bath, is now 20-years-old at university and makes quite a lot of her music in her university accommodation. Her social media accounts are quite stripped back and although they do indicate her personality, they don’t paint a picture of a whole person. However, somehow the slight anonymity makes her even more intriguing –– forcing fans to really connect with her music rather than her online personality.

In regards to her stage name, she confessed it’s an ode to one of her favourite films, The Pink Panther, as well as a question from an episode of The Chase: “What is a female panther called?”. The singer also said the stage name wasn’t completely intentional and really is just her TikTok username which stuck.

Fans have truly taken a liking towards PinkPantheress further proved so by her nearly 9,000,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. When searching the artist’s name on Twitter, there’s an abundance of Tweets along the lines of ‘the worst thing about PinkPantheress’s songs is that they end’. Fans are constantly begging her to extend her songs further than the two minute mark.

The appeal of PinkPantheress is that there’s nobody exactly quite like her in today’s music scene, from her online mystique to her nostalgic sound. If you haven’t already, we urge you to listen to her music to really understand everyone’s obsession.

Words by Tara Davies

Posted On 3 October, 2022