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My Experience Shooting Wireless 2022

With festival season very much alive and thriving, I went to photograph Wireless festival in Birmingham outside at the NEC for LOOP Mag on Saturday, July 8 – 10th. The city was greeted by a scorching July heatwave, creating the perfect weekend for the star-studded event. This added to the good spirits, uplifting energy, and urgent need to stay hydrated!

Economically, Wireless is a fantastic opportunity to see a plethora of world-renowned stars for an all-in fee that would otherwise be pretty costly. Some of the performers are also yet to tour the UK on their own, making Wireless a great opportunity to see some of your favourite artists while they’re in town.

The lineup was eclectic, definitely not one to be missed! Fans turned out in their thousands eager to make the most of the sunshine with loved ones and sing their hearts out. Releasing the pressures of life by enjoying familiar music, discovering new music and creating lifelong memories. It was a refreshing experience to witness. Everyone was so liberated following all the restrictions we were made to follow for what felt like a lifetime. But enough about that, let’s talk about the artists!

Moneybagg Yo. Credit: Faysal Hassan for LOOP Magazine / Wireless Birmingham NEC 2022

Chris Brown absolutely stole the show! Fans were holding up signs saying “Welcome back Breezy”. From his giant, charismatic inflatables, to the production and of course his incredible choreography. Phones shot up in the air faster than you could blink and screams erupted as fans looked on in awe as the King of R&B graced the Wireless stage. Behold ladies and gentlemen, Chris Brown is in the building! Fans were treated to a surprise as TYGA joined Chris to perform some of their classic collaborations. Performing newer songs as well as his classics, the fans were reminded of his solidified status and impact on the music scene. He was given his respect and love in abundance, it was great to see him get the ovation he deserved. It was truly an honour to capture and photograph the legend that is Chris Brown.

Chris Brown crowd. Credit: Faysal Hassan for LOOP Magazine / Wireless Birmingham NEC 2022

Believe it or not, this wasn’t even the headline act..

Cardi B arrived in typical Cardi style, bold, eccentric, and empowered! Whilst we all looked up at her eagerly awaiting the energy she was about to bring, she stood proud on her pedestal, styled in a beautiful, glamorous sequinned outfit. Cardi stepped down the stairs escorted by two males, ready to electrify the crowd. The audience went wild for her every move. Almost rockstar-like, Cardi B put on an epic performance, which of course included her highly anticipated song WAP. The sound was deafening even with my earplugs in! Her husband Offset then surprised the crowd and we all sang happy birthday to their daughter Culture, who turns four years old soon.

Cardi B. Credit: Faysal Hassan for LOOP Magazine / Wireless Birmingham NEC 2022

Dave, entered the Wireless stage playing his guitar with a contagious smile taking in the warm reception as the Birmingham fans greeted him. A truly honourable artist, his incredible lyrical ability and connection with his audience was special to watch. Although there were thousands in attendance, he has this ability to make it as though it were an intimate setting. The fans went crazy for songs such as Funky Friday, Clash, and Thiago Silva, stopping only for brief moments to intently listen to every word of Dave’s storytelling capability. It’s mind-blowing knowing that he is only 24!

J Cole arrived with his legend status more apparent than ever, meeting the blaring crowd with a massive smile with his hands in the air. His ability to engage with his audience is amazing. He effortlessly controlled the crowd and got everyone involved. There was a real sense of unity and togetherness, especially during his left crowd vs right crowd competition, accompanied by his good friend Bas. J Cole took us on a trip down memory lane with classic anthems that had us all feeling an abundance of nostalgia. His performance of his hit song Love Yourz was a particularly beautiful moment. As the sun was setting, phone lights on swaying left to right, a melodic echo of Love Yourz was roared out by the audience.

J Cole. Credit: Faysal Hassan for LOOP Magazine / Wireless Birmingham NEC 2022

Jack Harlow was a solid performer. His smooth and suave swagger stepped onto the Wireless stage, greeted by the glittering sunshine and a much-appreciated reception. Undeniably cool, Harlow somehow manages to make high-energy seem effortless. His eclectic catalogue also affords him the luxury of switching up the tempo throughout his set, keeping it dynamic and interesting for the crowd.

Jack Harlow. Credit: Faysal Hassan for LOOP Magazine / Wireless Birmingham NEC 2022

Little Simz is an immaculate performer. She met the audience with her contagious energy and was given a beautiful reception. Opening her set with ‘Introvert’, taken from her award-winning album ‘Sometimes I Might Be Introvert’, Simz’s band transformed the song, creating a captivating soundscape that left the audience in awe. A born storyteller, the messages she conveys are deeper, exploring political and societal issues. Similar to Dave, Simz can make an audience filled with thousands feel like an intimate setting. A talent only a few are blessed with, Little Simz is fearless in her approach, tapping into vulnerability in subjects others may be afraid of.

Little Simz. Credit: Faysal Hassan for LOOP Magazine / Wireless Birmingham NEC 2022

Summer Walker stepped out elegantly as the stage was coated in vibrant, large green plants. An aesthetic that felt perfect for a day full of sunshine, from the moment Summer began to sing everyone was automatically in their feelings. Transporting us to different moments in our lives through her relatable lyrics and angelic voice, Summer beautifully conveys her stories. You can feel the lyrics resonating through you as she sings, time stops. You simply just want to take in the moment in its entirety.

Summer Walker. Credit: Faysal Hassan for LOOP Magazine / Wireless Birmingham NEC 2022

Words by Faysal Hassan

Posted On 4 October, 2022