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Lauren Sanderson’s “Queen Bee” Is Gunning For The Crown

After the success of her dreamy March 2021 hit “Hi,” she’s returned with an unignorable pumped-up track that makes falling in love seem anything but sappy. The Indiana-born songstress commands attention from the first note of her newest single, “Queen Bee,” and with the track, she’s welcoming a new chapter.

“Queen Bee” exudes sexiness and Sanderson’s fun-loving lyrics perfectly describes the feeling of falling for someone at lightning speed. “Queen bee//I think i’d like it if you sting me//And now we’re crawling to my backseat//You taste like honey when you kiss me,” she serenades throughout the chorus. 

The song received the video treatment as well and shows Sanderson lusting over a blonde-haired beauty as they cook together, play basketball, and watch movies. The video is as intimate as the song itself, and Sanderson hopes people can feel the emotion she’s putting out through her music.

“I see myself as a channel,”Sanderson says. “When people feel my energy, or hear my lyrics, I want them to feel empowered and use that inspiration to create the life they want to live. To see someone who came from self belief and know they can do the exact same for themselves. That’s all I really want.”

Sanderson’s music isn’t just made for feeling good and singing along (although it’s also great for that). At its core, it’s meant to be empowering.

“I don’t know who needs to hear this but not everyone and everything deserves your time & energy,” Sanderson said upon the song’s release. 

The release of “Hi” and “Queen Bee” have put Sanderson on the map in a big way, but she’s been impressing for quite some time. Her earliest music caught the ears of FINNEAS and Chase Atlantic who invited Sanderson on tour with them. Sanderson has been inspiring people since she started putting her songs on Soundcloud and even did a TED Talk at the age of 19. It was her 2020 debut, Midwest Kids Can Make It Big, that truly proved what the singer was capable of.

Most recently, Sanderson was added to the 2021 Lollapalooza lineup where she’ll share the stage with the likes of Miley Cyrus and Post Malone, as well as fellow rising stars such as Ashe and Olivia O’Brien. 

With each consecutive release from Sanderson, one thing has rang true: she’s unabashedly herself. Sure, her sound is a solid mixture of rock and pop, but most notably — Sanderson’s got a sound all her own.

Words by obrs

Posted On 3 October, 2022