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Introducing, MORGAN

Though she’s between releases right now, MORGAN’s world is anything but quiet. Fuelled by excitement and creativity, she’s ready to take on the world: “I want to make my mark with this one!” she promises. “Right now I’m in the most creative space I’ve been in for a long time, I’m focusing very much on my next project and getting it to a magical place.”

It’s characteristic of MORGAN to never stay still too much – her back catalogue so far ranges from the R&B goodness of latest cut In My Feelings to the pulsing pop of Nobody Else – and this is something Morgan defines herself by as an artist. “One thing about me as an artist is that I’m constantly evolving, I love creating so many different types of music, because what I want to create genuinely depends on the day and how I’m feeling. I love musically where I’m at right now and I don’t like to pigeonhole myself into one genre because I believe that my art is what’s important.”

Of course, this informs MORGAN’s process as well. Her deftness at creating vibes is central to her writing style, and the end-product we hear is subject to a meticulous crafting process. “When I write music I like to focus solely on the melodies first – followed by the lyrics. I think a lot of songwriters use this method, and it’s definitely a good way to work. That being said there are many different types of way to work – which I also do. Sometimes I already have ideas before I go into a session but most of the time I go off of what I’m feeling in that moment.”

“One thing about me is that I don’t really write about experiences I’m going through in the current moment”…” MORGAN muses, about finding the emotional cores to her writing. “I like to write about things I’ve previously been through. If I’m going through something, and start writing about it as I’m going through it, I become too emotionally invested and sometimes it can give me writer’s block. So I like to write about a situation after I’ve dealt with it.”

MORGAN’s career so far has seen her under the wing of greats from across multiple genres – particularly, longtime collaborator Rudimental, who she’s shared a number of tracks with. How did these collabs influence how MORGAN’s found herself as an artist? “I have written, performed and created music with some amazing people, who have inspired me throughout my journey so far and continue to do so,” she says. “I enjoy surrounding myself with people who I look up to because it pushes me to be better. A lot of these relationships were cultivated very organically and that’s what I love about them. I think it’s important when creating music nothing is forced during the process. Music is about being real and staying true to yourself.”

And she’s far from finished, too. “I have many dream collaborators, one of them being 6LACK who I know one day I will work with – I’m manifesting it.”

“When it comes to collaborations I don’t care as much about the status of the artist but more about their talent and what they can bring to a song,” she says on her philosophy of collaboration and her community. “I think it’s so important to work with other up-and-coming artists as well as more well-known ones. We are all in this together and reaching for the top.”

2022 so far has seen MORGAN tick off a few major milestones, including her first headline show:

“It was the most magical experience ever,” she enthuses. “I’ve been touring with Rudimental for a couple of years, and it’s been an absolute blast. But there’s something so special about performing to your own crowd and people being there for you specifically. The energy was so high, and it was so amazing to meet everybody afterwards. My amazing band & MD did the most amazing job and I’m so grateful for them. I’ll never forget that night – even though it was sold out I was so scared no one was going to turn up!”

And the buzz and inspiration is translating quickly into the material MORGAN is sharing soon, too: she tells us “this next project is just a complete level up. I can’t explain how excited I am to release it and I haven’t even fully finished it yet. I’m pretty much putting on the finishing touches right now and I already know it’s going to be magical.”

And how does what’s next follow on from debut EP Alien? “I love Alien, every single song on the EP represented me at the time. However, I have moved on emotionally and musically from that place. I’ve evolved as a person and as a songwriter and it’s definitely reflected in this EP. It’s so nearly there and I’m so excited to share it. It’s full of art, emotions, drama and straight vibes.”

Words by Ims Taylor

Posted On 4 October, 2022