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Introducing: Franky

Hey Franky! Thanks for joining LOOP for a chat and congrats on the new single ‘You Had Me’ with ManyFew. For anyone who hasn’t heard it yet, how would you describe the song?

No problem, thanks for asking me to chat. I would describe this track as one of those feel-good summer anthems, it’s exactly the sort of track you want to put on when the sun is out, and the weekend is approaching. It’s very uplifting, from the melody to the lyrics.

How did the collaboration with the Manyfew guys come about?

We actually first connected back in 2020 during the first lockdown and we were just sending each other ideas back and forth over email, so when we finally got the green light to be able to travel and meet in person to write/record together we jumped at it, and we all instantly clicked, and I think that shows through the music we’ve been able to create.

You also collaborated with Cheat Codes recently on the single ‘Payback’ featuring Icona Pop. What was your experience of working on this track?

I originally wrote this track back in 2017 for my own project with a couple of talented music friends of mine ‘Gil Lewis’ & ‘Olivia Sebastianelli’. Skip forward to 2021 it hadn’t had much bite, so I reached out to a duo from Sweden named ‘Littgloss’ via Instagram who I thought could work for a potential collab with me. I sent them the stems for ‘Payback’ and put their spin on the production and we all loved it. The next thing I knew Littgloss’s team put the track in front of Icona Pop’s team, who after hearing the track wanted to be on it, which I couldn’t believe! They added their spin re-recording the vocals and I was lucky enough to still be kept on the track singing alongside them in the chorus and some adlibs too. Then I heard that Cheat Codes wanted to get involved too, I’m still not sure how they even came across the track to be honest so it’s one of those crazy things that just didn’t seem real, but before I knew it I was told they were releasing it, so I’m really pleased this track managed to see the light of day, and it all came about quite randomly, but I’m definitely not complaining. I’m so happy that others saw the potential in this track!

‘All Of The Boys’ and ‘Follow My Lead’ were the debut releases that introduced your sound to the world, do you have any plans to share more solo tracks soon?

Yes I do, and I’m super excited to get my third single out! It’s written and ready to go and I think it may even be my best yet! I don’t have a definite date yet, but it will be this year and it will be soon so keep your eyes peeled”…

When it comes to writing lyrics, what’s your creative process?

I don’t really have a specific way of writing it has been different every time. Sometimes a melody I hear inspires what I write, by reminding me of a situation or a mood I’ve felt. Other times I hear stories from friends or get into situations myself and I think that would make a great song, so I note it down. Then I sometimes voice note melodies that come to me at night or in the shower etc. I also have a list of titles whenever I think of something cool or a statement that means something to be, and I will look at that list in sessions to see if I feel like any would work. There’s so many different ways I create a song.

Who have been some of your biggest musical inspirations?

I always find this question so hard as I’m inspired by so many artists and genres! However, I would describe my sound as the anthemic toplines of Icona Pop/Charlie XCX meets the production influences of Earth, Wind and Fire / George Benson. With that being said, I’ve recently also been super influenced by 80s synth and punk so some of the tracks I’ve been writing recently have elements of that coming through too.

What advice would you share with an artist just starting out in the music industry?

Keep going. When a door closes, knock on another. Keep fine tuning your craft and become the artist you really want to become and not what you think others want you to be.

You’ve had an amazing start to 2022 so far, what’s in store for the rest of the year?

Thank you – I’ve got another song coming out next month that I helped write for another artist, which is great as it feels like I’m finally being recognised as a writer now as well as a vocalist/artist. My third single is definitely due to come out this year and I’m so excited for you to hear this one! 

And of course, there will be more collaborations with other artists as I love working with other artists, it helps me to push myself, and helps me grow as a writer and vocalist. So, there is lots more in store! I also have some great DJ sets coming up, one being at the ‘Brighter days’ festival in Leeds in August which will see DJs such as Faithless and Kings of Tomorrow take to the stage so I can’t wait for that!

Words by Coco Worth

Posted On 4 October, 2022