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Inhaler: Cuts & Bruises Review

‘Cuts & Bruises’ proves exactly why the young outfit from Dublin, Inhaler, are set to take the  global stage in the very near future. The evocative twelve-track project sees the four-piece explore the boundaries of their musical capacity with innovative riffs, hauntingly-beautiful  vocals and psychedelic atmospheres. 

Just To Keep You Satisfied’ plays as a subtle introduction to the depth to be found  throughout ‘Cuts & Bruises’. Brazen guitar riffs and psychedelic rhythm serve as the gateway of double-meaning; the lyrics ‘angels falling  by your side/just to keep you satisfied’ reverberate within the atmosphere of haunting beauty, yet never alleviate the sense of eerie tension that lingers with the reality of satisfaction being addressed within the introductory track. An exploration of longing, compromise and contentment with the notion of satisfaction that never fulfills. 

The stand-out track,  ‘Love Will Get You There’, that follows on from the subtly heavy  introduction, is a unique blend between the energetic musical movements attributed to a  young Elvis Presley and the modern aesthetic of alternative love ballads. Ghastly in its sense  of direction yet inviting in its warm embrace of love, it brings to life the emotional journey  experienced by the vulnerability that love requires of you.

‘Perfect Storm’ is the balancing act between the two sides expressed in ‘Cuts & Bruises’, being right in the middle of the track list. It ushers in the softer and intimate side of Inhaler’s  project – the lover’s lonely twilight after the endless summer’s day of passion. 

Another stand-out track is ‘The Things I Do’,  the penultimate on the record. This track  sees Inhaler’s teething on the edge of the seductive melancholy found in progressive jazz and rock fusion. An introspective ballad that questions its own intentions as a track, as the  vocalist questions the motives behind his actions. Is it a powerhouse anthem? Is it a love  letter to the thinker? It leaves you guessing in the best way possible. 

Inhaler mastered the craft of cohesive thematic and sonic creative delivery, with not a single  track being misplaced or presenting itself as a filler. A band effort, each member shining in  their respective role yet never overshadowing their fellow comrades. ‘Cuts & Bruises’ is a  beautiful medley of old and new, indie and alternative – an homage to the rockers of the  not-so-distant past with their eyes set on joining the roster of legends through their  individual creative prowess. This only being the young group’s second project to date,  it’s a sign of the trajectory which they will take; to a realm of their own design.

Words by Ramy Abou-Setta

Posted On 21 February, 2023