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How to Promote Music Online

10 Ways To Promote Music Online

With the global digital industry turning into a billion-dollar business, more artists are looking for ways to
promote their music online. You can try getting featured on a music magazine online, but you can also try
many other options to promote your music.


Creating a website where fans can hear your latest music and learn more about you as an artist is a great
starting point. Use a custom domain and update your website with all the latest information on upcoming
events. It’s a powerful tool for music promotion, so use it extensively for sharing new releases.


TikTok Content

TikTok has become a popular choice for online music promotion. This app is popular among all
generations, which can significantly help your music career. Using fine-tuned algorithms offers an
outstanding possibility to reach new fans organically. Be sure to create good TikTok content and be active.


YouTube for Artists

Use this powerful tool to upload, share and promote your music. YouTube is a place where you can easily
discover musical talents. Create videos with catchy titles and descriptions that include relevant tags and
keywords. Share the videos on other platforms and add them to your website.


Contact Music Blogs

Music blogs are a great place for music promotion and exposure. Research blogs featuring artists in your
genre and prepare a personalized pitch. Make sure it is clear and engaging because you’ll need to catch
the attention of the music blogger.


Create or Contact a Music Podcast

Reaching new fans is easily achieved by securing an interview with a local podcast. You’ll get your music
featured and allow the audience to find out more about you as a musician and your music. Find one that
compliments your music genre.

Another alternative is starting your own podcast and regularly adding episodes in which you’ll talk about
your band and music.


Online Streaming Services

Streaming services are places where you can reach lots of fans and make your music available to them.
Try getting one song featured on Apple Music and Spotify, and use this golden opportunity to promote
yourself even more. This is a rare chance to reach the right audience through one of their playlists.

Twitch Video Streaming

Use Twitch to live stream concerts and promote your music. It is a popular video streaming platform where
independent artists can engage with their audience, share rehearsals, and host Q&A sessions.

Memorable Live Shows

Promoting your music through live shows cannot be more than just a regular gig – your live performance
has to be memorable and create a buzz. This is a great way to reach audiences, but prepare well and offer
an unforgettable experience to those watching.

Paid Advertising
Take advantage of social media ads and create possibilities for your music to work for you. Use Facebook
and other ads to constantly engage new audiences. Try paid advertising to maximize your reach.

Establish Collaboration With Musicians and Influencers

Collaborating with the right people to create industry connections should be at the top of your list. Creating
reels of duets is popular on TikTok, so make the most of the opportunity. Reach new audiences by getting
out of your genre and comfort zone. Influencers and other artists can give you that much-needed boost to
make it.

Loop Magazine: Your Favorite Music Magazine Online
Promoting your music online is more challenging than it sounds. Luckily, music magazines can help you
out. Here at LOOP Magazine, we are all about giving new talents a place in the music industry. All you have
to do is to take the initiative to be featured in the best music magazine online.
Reach out to us — our audience is eager to learn more about any new talent that can become their
favourite artist.

Words by madison

Posted On 8 February, 2020