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Music Magazines in the Digital Age

How Music Magazines Can Survive the Digital Age


The glorious days of well-known print magazines that set the stage for the music industry are long gone.
Music magazines in the UK go online as fans turn to social media for the latest news and updates. There is still nostalgia for printed editions of famous magazines, and not everyone is ready to give them up. In the race to bring their fans the latest music news and increase their digital presence, music magazines need to adjust to the changes. In this digital age, going online is the best way for music content to reach

Going Digital

Today’s music magazines must understand that they risk losing their audience if they don't go digital. After all, most people nowadays consume music on streaming services daily. Likewise, many turn to social
media and YouTube to discover new music.


Social Media and Creative Content

Most people today go straight to social media for the latest news from around the world.
In the music industry, reviews were essential pieces that determined the destiny of a record back in the
day, but the streaming era is changing the scene. Streaming live performances and discussions via social
media is the answer. Music journalists recognise that they need to change their content. While record companies and artists relied upon them in the past for promotion, that’s not the case today. That is why music magazines need creative content to attract mass audiences.


Giving it for Free

Many music magazines that have gone digital have decided to give free printed versions. They work hard
to keep their fans’s interest by organising and streaming live events and other content. This, in turn, complements the printed edition, which advertisers are greatly interested in.


An Eco-Friendly Generation

Younger generations are more eco-friendly than ever and are not afraid to criticise brands or companies
with brands that don’t put the planet first.
While recycling shredded magazines is a challenge, many music magazines are trying to show that they
are willing to look out for the environment, which will only increase the magazine's credibility among


The Exclusivity of Print

Many music magazines try to fit the print and online versions by creating exclusive content. Plenty of online
content is available for free to large masses and is mostly supported by advertising. Content like exclusive
and in-depth interviews is usually reserved for the print version.
This is one way of selling the printed version to those huge music industry fans who like to get the detailed
scoop. It is also an excellent opportunity for paper collectors to keep a printed copy of their favourite music
magazine in their collection.


Welcoming the New Era of Music Journalism

Music journalism may be changing, but it will never go out of style. Music lovers can always find fresh and
interesting sources to explore. LOOP Magazine is a new and rising music magazine that allows emerging
artists to find their spot in the music world. All rising talents are welcome to contact us and be featured
among the biggest stars in the industry.

Words by madison

Posted On 8 February, 2020