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How Artists Get Featured in Music Magazines

Getting Featured in a Music Chart Magazine

The first music magazine was published in 1894, but it wasn’t until the 70s and 80s that such magazines became popular. Back then, music magazines ranked the success of musicians based on streaming, radio play, physical sales, and more. Today, fans can access that information with platforms like LOOP Music Chart Magazine.

A new music magazine, LOOP, offers new artists the opportunity to be featured along with famous artists in the industry. The aim is to bridge the gap between emerging talents and established veterans on the music scene.


How do Music Charts Work?

There are plenty of music charts worldwide; however, not all have the same criteria for featuring artists. Different factors, like streams, downloads, radio airplay, and physical copies sold, are at play.


The Importance of Online Exposure

In today’s world, having online viral exposure is your best PR campaign. Online publications with a high
social following can stir up the scene. Imagine the audience that can be reached by just sharing an article! Today’s audiences think outside the box, so you should too. Tell the story yourself and use music chart magazines to spread the word.


Getting the Music Album Featured

Getting featured in a music chart magazine demands a careful approach and a well-planned strategy. It requires planning, organising, researching, and creating the right PR kit.


A Creative PR Package

Start small and build your PR relationship like you would handle any relationship. The PR package must look good and include a captivating bio, information, social media links, and attractive photos. Providing a link to the PR kit located on your website makes it easy to share when needed.


Know the Music Magazines

Before sending your pitch to music magazines, you may want to look deeper at their work. It’s like
researching a company when you are looking for a job. Finding their email is not enough. Learn everything there is to know about the magazine and see whether you match.


Personalise your Pitch

Approach each music magazine with a personalised email explaining the reason for reaching out to them. Focus on defining your brand and music in just a few sentences. Create an eye-catching and engaging email addressed directly to the contact. Template emails are outdated and boring and will only put you in the spam folder.


Show your Uniqueness

No one likes to see the same generic content appearing repeatedly. Speak from the heart and explain how your music will impact the listener and what they will hear. Don’t compare big industry names, but stick to refined niche references. If your life story has inspired the music, then go ahead and explain that. Being personal and showing your passion for your work will pay off in the end.


The News Outlet for Promising Artists

It takes time and hard work to become a trusted source for music fans. Loop Music Chart Magazine may be on the rise, but it has an army of fans who admire the opportunities given to emerging artists. We help up-and-coming stars be featured shoulder-to-shoulder with big industry names. Send us a message if you wish to be featured in LOOP Magazine.

Words by Gracie Shepherdson

Posted On 8 February, 2020