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Get To Know Wobblebug; The First Decentralized Musician In The Industry

Web3 native DJ and producer Alien Wobblebug is the first tokenized musician in history that was created by Grammy-nominated DJ and producer Wuki, alongside a team of music industry professionals. Powered by NFT and blockchain technology, Wobblebug is uniquely an NFT-powered music artist packing a punching with real-world utility as a cross-chain with NFT holders on the Ethereum and Solana blockchains.

While Wuki is the musical brain behind the project, the entity under the helmet when Wobblebug performs remains a mystery. Following the sell-out success of the MegaWob NFT mint, Wobblebug has amassed a solid fan base across Twitter and Discord, with over 160k followers on Twitter and over 100k Discord members. Wobblebug is planning to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3, and the release of his debut single exemplifies just that.

Wuki, the brainchild behind then the WOBBLEBUG project

Most recently, Wobblebug unveiled his latest song, “WOBBLEDRUG”, to kick off his entry into the music space. The track seamlessly blends a groovy bassline with thudding futuristic synth leads to keep the energy sweeping. Through its “galactic” sonic voyage, the listeners are drawn into a provocative electronic journey that almost alchemizes the spectre of profound surrealism and an infectious audiovisual experience. 

Sonically, Wobblebug takes on an intergalactic being, and his sound knows no boundaries or limits. He enthused his latest release, “What’s up, meat bags! When I came to Earth, the first thing I wanted to do was to create a banger we can all get down to. Hope you guys dig this wonky wobbly house track I whipped up.” In his introduction to the audience, he often addresses them as “earthlings” and calls himself the “friendly space alien DJ who consumes subsonic frequencies”.

In addition to this exciting release, Wobblebug also reveals the Web3 side of the project, whereby he combines an existing NFT art to creatively upgrade the accompanying “Wobbledrug” animated music video. The two-minute visual shows Wobblebug and his friends enjoying their time at a music festival. Challenging the traditional notions of a music video release, the “Wobblebugs”, friends of the DJ, will be brought to life through innovative, distinctive, and uniquely mischievous ways packed with utmost personality.

As Wobblebug continues experimenting with new stylings and projects within the metaverse, it is worth noting that WEB3 will be essential and one of the most crucial aspects of all his upcoming projects. His mission on Earth is to “feed the race with the wobbles and wubs from the EDM community”. With that, Wobblebug’s existing fan base will have several opportunities to participate in things like remix, art, and content contests for each release, driving immense fan engagement and streams while giving back to the community through incentives for participation. Currently, community members are already able to stake their NFTs to earn Wob utility tokens that they can use to buy real-world merch and experiences in the Wobmart, which is only the tip of the iceberg for the utility Wobblebug plans to offer its disciples.

Listen to the electronic spectrum of a unique mix between bass, electro-house, and techno with Wobblebug’s latest spell-binding release, “Wobbledrug”, on your favourite platform here.

Words by Sheila Lim

Posted On 3 November, 2022