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Dive Into The Colourful World of ADORA’s “Trouble? TRAVEL!”

The Korean singer-songwriter and record producer released the third song in her addictive discography, “Trouble? TRAVEL!” on June 1; a fanfare of a pop song with fun, easy-to-follow choreography to match. The music video dropped on YouTube at the same time as the single was released on streaming platforms.

The music video for “Trouble? TRAVEL!” is the perfect mixture of the 2010 version of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ movie and the 2007 live-action/animated film ‘Enchanted’; seeing how her animated friends follow her around the town before ultimately leading her to their world at the end. The music video has fun parallels with the music itself, such as when ADORA jumps onto the animated keyboard the song itself introduces keyboard to the instrumental. 

You can’t help but smile when the chorus drops and ADORA alongside her dancers create the newest TikTok dance trend. The splendour vibes of the music video made up the perfect visual for the “Trouble? TRAVEL!” single itself and it allows listeners to fall deeper into the ADORA rabbit hole.

AURA Entertainment took ADORA under their wing following the artist’s departure as in-house producer at BIGHIT Entertainment. TXT member Beomgyu mentioned in a livestream of theirs that whenever the group received demo tracks recorded by her he wished more people got to hear her voice too. Now that ADORA is steadily releasing singles, many fans have been completely smitten by her ethereal vocal colour and tone.

By stepping into the spotlight, ADORA is able to showcase her abilities: from her alt-pop debut track “MAKE U DANCE” featuring Eunha from VIVIZ, which showed both of their light tones in an almost mystical, distorted fairytale-esque record. “MAKE U DANCE” going minor in the bridge definitely solidifies the eerie feeling of the song but it doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable, it only makes you want to listen on. 

ADORA’s second single was stripped from any eerie associations and showed a lighter side to the artist’s enchanting voice. Inspired by the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry novel ‘Le Petit Prince’, elements from the single’s artwork, the animated Music Video and the lyrics within the song itself, “The Little Name” was thus created. The soft harmonies throughout the song and the heartstring pulling lyrics in the chorus: “We were the stars and the light, Shined like the stars in the sky” all came together to create an ADORA-esque ballad.

I think that “Trouble? TRAVEL!” shows exactly what ADORA’s style of music is going to be like. ADORA is showing that she can incorporate various styles into her own music, subtly saying that people shouldn’t limit her abilities or box her into a category three songs into her solo discography. She makes fun of this too by posting her music video teaser on her story saying ‘Look guys, I became a dance-singer!’.Compared to her last two singles this track includes more strings which slow the song down before the chorus hits and makes your shoulders shimmy. The chorus in its entirety feels grand and fun, and with the woodwind synths an almost fanfare-like sound can be heard embedded in the song. 

ADORA succeeded in bypassing expectations and showed a different side to what her previous two tracks entailed, truly proving that she is capable of creating beyond your belief. This is her time to finally show the world what goes on inside her head and live out her dreams.

Check out “Trouble? TRAVEL!” on Spotify and Apple Music.

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Words by Nicole Ndlovu

Posted On 4 October, 2022