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DC The Don Returns With Latest Album ‘My Own Worst Enemy’ Out On Rostrum Records

The versatile, talented Milwaukee native and rapper, DC The Don returns with his second album ‘My Own Worst Enemy’ on 18th February. 

Signed to Rostrum Records, DC’s latest project is an exploration of the two sides of the rapper’s mind and sound in a split personality internal conflict. It dramatizes DC’s battle between an aggressive Donny, who represents the brash, hard rap side of DC and the sensitive RAG3 KIDD, who is anthemic and rock driven.

The focus track ‘iCarly :/‘ is a perfect blend of both sounds and showcases the rapper’s talent in expanding a variety of genres like emo, trap and hyper pop into a project. The Milwaukee native channels his adventurous energy as a young and promising artist through his music masterfully. He is capable of evoking emotions behind the yet infusing rapid-fire beats and rhythms with rock influenced anthems. This is easily a fan favorite we raw emotional lyrics like ‘we end up back in the ropes every day / you know I drink all my feelings away”.

The music video for the track ‘Live From The Gutta’ is a standout from the rapper. In the three-minute-long clip, DC displays his versatility of combing a rapturous energy with the storyline of his double personality. The plot took a quick turn as we eventually watch his alter ego, Rag3 Kidd being eliminated while Donny watches on. This track perfectly encapsulates the entirety of the project as we once again, get a glimpse into the honesty and raw innovation that DC brings through in his craft.  Watch the music video here: 

Since the release of his debut album ‘Come As You Are,’ DC The Don has reached 125 million total streams. This second album will undoubtedly cement the rapper’s status as a potential star to watch as he continues to grow his fanbase. The rapper will also be going on his first ever tour this April to support the release of this album.

To delve deeper into the thought processes and artistic creativity of DC The Don, listen to ‘My Own Worst Enemy’ below.

Words by Sheila Lim

Posted On 4 October, 2022