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Brazilian Superstar DJ, Alok, Champions The United Nations’ Climate Change Initiative With Special Performance At The UN Building

Global superstar, DJ and producer, Alok, is making a big stride in the progress towards sustainability. The renowned DJ, philanthropist and music maestro launched a meaningful climate change partnership with the United Nations’ Global Compact and the Alok Institute through the “The Future is Ancestral” project to kick off New York’s Climate Change Week.
This dedicated project consists of a series of panels and discussions throughout the day at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City. The agenda explored the importance of the indigenous communities around the world on the future of climate change. As part of the partnership, Alok also signed a historic agreement with the United Nations Global Compact Brazil to commit to supporting a new “Ancestors of the Future” fund to benefit Brazilian indigenous communities by providing funding and access for new opportunities in the arts, music, technology and entertainment world allowing their knowledge and stories to be shared. 

In addition, “The Future Is Ancestral” project featured a panel discussion between Brazilian scientists, researchers and activists, and indigenous artists and creators on ways the entertainment industry can support the dire situations being experienced by the indigenous people in South America and around the world.

As many artists have been keen supporters of environmental sustainability in many ways, Alok continues to be at the forefront of such activism. He shares about the latest project, “Taking the ancestral wisdom of the forest to the world is not only part of my artistic goals, but also of my principles as a citizen. Since I had contact with the culture of native people, I understood the importance of preserving and disseminating their knowledge and of deconstructing concepts, beliefs and narratives that poison the vision that adults and young people in my country, and around the world, have about the indigenous. The future can be technological and sustainable, but for that we need to listen to the voice of the forest and co-create solutions together with these voices.”

Moving forward, the UN Global Compact and the Alok Institute also plan to sign a partnership agreement to create the “Ancestors of the Future Fund” to support the production of cinema, music, games, and Web3 projects by the indigenous community, using technology focused on the well-being of the people of the forest and the preservation of the biodiversity. Its goal is to resignify the indigenous culture and the indigenous life as key elements of our society.
Kudos to Alok and the United Nations team for forging the way ahead for musicians to show their influence on climate sustainability. By bringing more attention to the Indigenous people, who have been living in harmony with the forest for thousands of years, it is essential for the world to understand their culture and ancestral knowledge. These narratives are vital for a green and just future for everyone to ensure Indigenous people continue to actively participate in discussions and decisions both at the national and global levels.

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Words by Sheila Lim

Posted On 21 October, 2022