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AFI’s Musical Film With Kes Glozier Is Rock N’ Roll Infused Cinema At It’s Finest

Ukiah, California, natives AFI have reinvented themselves so many times over the years, one would wonder how their artistry consistently demonstrates originality. Yet, the band always seems to find a wealth of inspiration every time they hit the recording studio, and their latest full-length album, Bodies, breathes new life into their discography. Not only is the band still full steam ahead after 30 years of making music together, but their latest record is especially meaningful. AFI provided the music for the new Kes Glozier short film, Where We Used To Meet, and it’s one of their most unique projects to date.

Not only does the film contain music from the band’s latest record, but the film features storylines inspired by a number of the songs. While the film was screened digitally for fans online on September 30, a few lucky fans received the opportunity to see the film at a premiere screening event at Brain Dead Studios in Los Angeles on September 28. Following the screening, AFI participated in an exclusive in-person Q&A to further elaborate on their foray into film. As vocalist Davey Havok explained, their song “Tied To A Tree” took normal stage in the film thanks to Director Kes Glozier.

“It was Kes who gravitated towards that song specifically for inspiration initially when we began collaborating on this project,” Havok said following the premiere. “It was specifically ‘Tied To A Tree’ and those lyrics that created this seed of inspiration for which the entire narrative grew.”

The singer went on to explain the significance of the tree in the film, and how the plot intertwined with their song so well. “Kes took to the woods during quarantine, during lockdown for inspiration, and there he was with literal trees, so there was a literal association with the imagery,” Havok said. “He found it very impactful and thereby used it as a starting point to create the narrative that you saw.”

Glozier himself reiterated Havok’s words in an exclusive chat with In The Loop. For the director, AFI’s latest body of work spoke to him in such a way that an entire film was derived from it. “I sat down and listened to the music and lyrics of Bodies, and it inspired the theme of the film. Also, during quarantine I spent a lot of time in the wilderness – it was all very wild and wet and lush, and without people. That’s where I was taking my influence from. I tried to make it as wild as possible.”

Glozier’s prolific work has graced countless screens, and with AFI’s involvement in his latest flick, he’s rolling out a rock n’ roll-infused film for the ages.

AFI’s latest album, Bodies, is out now.

Words by Brandy Baye

Posted On 4 October, 2022