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A Night With Nathy Peluso

Handstands, trumpets, roses, flying knickers, skipping ropes.

If this sounds merely like a strange shopping list to you, then you’ve clearly never been to a Nathy Peluso concert. 

I say this without judgement, as I too was in your unenglightened shoes just a few weeks ago before I was kindly invited down to see Nathy in action. It would be an understatement to say I have become a super-fan since. 

Gracing the stage in her signature skin-tight attire, boasting a curvacious, strong physique, Nathy instantly commands your attention. Never have I seen a Woman so beautifully and unapologetically embody the spectrum of femininity in such an unorthodox way. From the sultry, snake-like movements accompanying her oh so personal feeling serenades, to broad-shouldered explosive raps, Peluso truly can do it all.

One look around the room was proof enough to see the Nathy Peluso effect. From proud Argentinian’s waving their flags, British-Latinx’s screaming every-word, to me an english speaking Nathy novice. We were all completely in awe of her excellence.

That’s the beautiful thing about Nathy’s music, it’s so full of energy, so authentic to who she is, even a language barrier couldn’t get in the way. To me that is the true mark of an artist and performer worthy of the world. Someone that can unify a room of different cultures and languages by simply sharing themselves with you unconditionally. 

Nathy Peluso, to the World!

Watch our full interview with Nathy Peluso here. 

Listen to Nathy’s latest single ‘ESTÁS BUENÍSIMO’ here.



Words by Madison Paris-Matić

Posted On 12 January, 2023