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A Conversation With Danielle Bradbery

Vocal powerhouse Danielle Bradbery won NBC’s reality singing competition The Voice’s fourth season at 16 years old making her the youngest to take home the coveted honor.

After releasing multiple singles over the past two years, Bradbery is closing this chapter with her newest record In Between: The Collection which is a unique project showcasing multiple genres ranging from Country, R&B to Pop.

The singer/songwriter has such a beautiful way of connecting with her audience and has this vulnerability and strength that is showcased throughout the 10 tracks.

LOOP Magazine had the pleasure of sitting down on Zoom with her to discuss the new album and much more.

  1. Congrats on the album release! I know a lot of these songs were released previously, so what was the process like choosing which songs made the cut?

In the past year or two I have put out singles and little bodies of music.  I haven’t been able to do an album as a project in a very long time so I was like you know what as I’m working on actual, new music and I put out a new single recently and a lot of new stuff that’s starting to roll out. We all brainstormed taking everything I had put out over the past year or two and creating an album out of it and just letting fans and myself reminisce on the last two years in all the singles I put out and just bringing them together. I felt like in my heart I needed to bring them all in and close that chapter before I move on to all the new stuff. I’m so excited that it’s become a new project”….we’ve called it In Between: The Collection and we added two more songs that people haven’t heard yet so it’s been really fun and the start to everything else we’re working on!

  1. What was the most challenging song on the record for you to write and why?

I’m not the type of artist that I have to write all of my music. I’m the type where I will write but also I love listening to outside songs”…other songs people have written and cutting those and making them my own. A lot of those songs on the last record were outside songs and “Never Have I Ever” was one I wrote a while back. There weren’t many that I have written and it’s a cool part of my story and I’m totally fine with that! I think the hardest to record and with emotion too”…I think the top two were “Blackout” and “Break My Heart Again”.  “Blackout” was vocally very, very challenging for me and “Break My Heart Again” because I tapped into a time of that story. It took me on a whirlwind!

  1. What was the coolest part about being on the Charlie’s Angel soundtrack?

The coolest thing was ‘I’m going to get to be a part of this era of the Charlie’s Angels‘. It’s such an iconic movie and I feel like everyone in the world knows what Charlie’s Angels is and so to be asked to be a part of that was such an iconic moment for me and I’m like ‘wow I’m so thankful to just be a name on the roster’  Ariana Grande was the main artist on that album and just being next to her even on the list was so incredible to me! That whole process was so new and such an experience. I will never ever forget that. Charlie’s Angels itself was what topped it off for me!

  1. Is there a chance you’ll release “Room For Two” on your next project no matter what?

Oh man! I feel like I’ve been seeing so much about that. I’m definitely going to look into it. It’s funny that you say that because I’ve been seeing it just as much. I think right now I’ve been thinking, ‘maybe I should bring it back’ so potentially I might bring it back because everyone loves it so much which I love!

  1. What’s the best piece of advice from your mother that you still think about today?

Oh, my mom! Momma Glo! There’s not one thing that she has told me that I’m gonna stick to that one piece of advice. If you know my mom she’s this spicy, confident woman. She’s giving me advice every single time we talk on the phone which I’m very thankful and blessed to have. If I could pick a few, she’s always telling me to keep the faith, just be strong in that and know that whatever happens in the future will be and just live in the now. She’s always sternly talking about being strong and confident. You’re you and no one else. She’s all about confidence and not letting yourself be down on something. That’s the big umbrella from her. There’s not one piece of advice. It’s just so much from her. I wish I could have her on record all the time.

  1. You’ve had so many WOW moments in your career thus far, but is there a specific moment that makes you stop and think “is this real”?

Ooh that’s a good question! If I could think of one that’s coming to my head real quick is I have gotten to do the National Anthem for big sports games and that’s one of the feelings where I’m like ‘I’m here”…I’m doing this’. It’s such a powerful song and a powerful moment for everyone. Sports is such a big thing for everybody so to top it off with the National Anthem”…it’s such a powerful moment for me and gets more and more nerve wracking. I don’t get used to it. I just get more nervous!

  1. Music is such a big part of you, but so is fashion. Is there a chance you’ll release a fashion line at some point?

I would love to! There’s no specific planning on it right this second but I’m always talking about it. I love Pinterest and visual stuff. I’m always making really unique boards or making all this stuff that I know will come in handy down the line.

  1. To wrap it up, what’s the estimated wait period for the next batch of music? Any goals for the rest of the year?

That’s definitely a goal and the top of our list right now. It’s definitely a priority. I was just in L.A. writing and really we’re gearing up for the next project. We’re not going to stop working on it and I want it to be out as soon as possible.

  1. Any plans for a headline tour?

I hope so!

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Words by Danielle Taylor

Posted On 4 October, 2022